Attorney General Pam Bondi Comments On Florida’s Synthetic Drug Ban

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 @ 6:04PM

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Attorney General Pam Bondi today thanked members of the Florida House of Representatives for voting unanimously in favor of HB 897, sponsored by Representative Clay Ingram.

The legislation adds five additional chemical compounds found in synthetic drugs to the state’s list of illegal chemical compounds.

Pam Bondi

“I want to thank Representative Ingram for sponsoring this important legislation, and all the members of the Florida House,” said Attorney General Bondi.

“Since taking office in 2011, we have worked tirelessly with state lawmakers and law enforcement agencies to identify and outlaw 131 of the most common chemical compounds found in synthetic drugs and as a result the number of new compounds being discovered in Florida is shrinking and we are saving lives.” 

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