Economy & Jobs

Open for BusinessAs Florida’s economy continues to improve, we must keep government out of the private sector and allow our businesses to grow. During my time in the Florida House, I’ve voted to reduce government bureaucracy and fought for tax cuts that will diversify our economy and bring new jobs to Northwest Florida.


Classroom-Management2As a former public school teacher, I know that education is our greatest economic engine. I’m proud to have increased funding for our schools and supported policies that reward our most effective teachers.

2nd Amendment Rights

linton-3fa8c769e38236131da808da9e567a363b112186-s6-c30I believe that one of our most fundamental rights is to defend our home and families from danger. That’s why I have voted for bills that prevented doctors from recording gun ownership information and prohibited local governments from infringing on our 2nd Amendment Rights. I will oppose any changes to the Stand Your Ground Law, or any attempt to take away your rights as a firearm owner.

Conservative Values

14496_3950954144871_1368195119_nI understand that the family is the foundation of our society and as a father, I know that life begins at conception. I am pro-life and will stand up for those that don’t have a voice.

Taxes and Spending

{CD05622C-CB93-48C5-A439-29C1AA78C8DF}Unlike the Federal Government, Florida maintains a balanced budget and only spends what it takes in. As your State Representative, I have voted to cut over $6 Billion from the budget and prioritized spending to make sure that our most critical needs are met.


immigration-secure-border.jpeg7-1280x960We are a nation of laws, and I firmly oppose amnesty to any illegal or undocumented immigrants. Any reform must focus on border security and allow law enforcement to carry out their mission of protecting our communities.

Keeping up with Clay